Setting you up for the future.

Unifying and simplifying your hotel room’s technical solutions.

Unlocking your guest rooms’ full potential.

What if we told you that in order to make your property or real estate ready for any future installations, you could make do with only a fraction of all the preparatory work that most building projects undergo nowadays?

Over the past six years, function Solutions have been doing just that.

We provide complete turn-key automation solutions for hotels and commercial buildings, consultant and programming services and help our clients set themselves up for any future need that might occur in hotels and commercial living spaces for many years to come.

Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

Centralizing all the room's different functions and features in one single managing tool.

Keyless/Cardless solution

No need to carry keycards around anymore. Simply let your guests check-in and walk straight to the room using only their smartphone.

HVAC - energy efficiency in every room

Our cutting-edge HVAC system, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, allows you to effortlessly control all your room’s temperature and optimize the energy usage.

KNX - powerful and efficient

KNX is the future-proof, cost-effective solution for building automation. Enhancing control and automation in hotel rooms, improving guest experience and energy efficiency.

About function Solutions

We are passionate about revolutionizing the hotel experience.
Our travels revealed that many high-end hotels still rely on outdated methods for simple services like room temperature and lighting.

We believe the future demands intelligent guest rooms that adapt to individual needs. Since 2017, function Solutions has been paving the way for the future by providing clever, effective, and sustainable solutions. With over 4,000 hotel rooms already benefiting from our approach, we are dedicated to creating a significantly better and more sustainable hospitality experience.

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