Our story

Our story

Throughout our many travels, we have often been puzzled by a rather strange fact: In many modern high-end hotels, simple services such as floor heating, room temperature, or even lighting – still demand the staff’s involvement, if even provided at all.

Instructions like: “please contact staff at the reception to make changes on the temperature,” made us wonder why so many contemporary hotels were still using old fashioned and outdated solutions, compromising the customers’ experience of convenience and privacy?

The future comes with new demands

We believe that hotel guests have different requirements nowadays than before. Intelligent guest rooms that adapt to the guest’s needs will be an expectation rather than a convenient perk.

However, if hotels want to build for the future, they can not continue with outdated methods. Building for the future demands clever, effective and sustainable solutions.

Since 2017, function Solutions have been setting our clients up for the future. By unifying and simplifying the hotel’s technical solutions, we have helped clients all around the Nordic region to streamline the construction process, save significant amounts of energy, money and time as well as providing guests and staff with exceptional convenience.

With more than 4,000 hotel rooms already in operation we know that it is possible to create significantly better and more sustainable solutions in a safe and cost-effective way. This has become our greatest passion and grand endeavor.

Meet the Team

Let’s get in touch! We’re here to help.

Mikkel Markmann

CSO / KNX tutor / Partner

Email: mikkel@function.no
Tel Norge: +47 477 97 042
Tel Danmark: +45 537 97 042
Tel Sverige: +46 768 68 90 10

Lars Ursin-Holm

Daglig Leder / Partner

Email: lars@function.no
Tel: +47 990 80 390

Kjell Anders Løken Davidsen

Technical Sales / Project Manager

Email: kjell.anders.davidsen@function.no
Tel: +47-99109246

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