Location: Oslo, Norway

122 guestrooms and suites

Opened March 2019

Our services

At Americalinjen, function Solutions have provided the hotel with the following solutions and guest room features:

GRMS (Guest room management system)

We centralize all the room's different functions and features in one single managing tool, such as temperature, pre-heated floors or lighting. This greatly reduces staff workload and enhances the customer experience.

Climate control

An occupancy-based environmental control system that uses sensors to detect if the guest is in the room, and adjusts the temperature accordingly. This helps save energy by only using resources when needed.

Light control – Daily dimming and relay

Provide your guests with a comfortable and convenient lighting experience, while also helping to save energy and reduce costs for the hotel.

Bathroom floor heating adjustable via GRMS

By integrating the floor heating with the booking system, it can be remote controlled. Preheat the floors upon arrival to offer your guest extra comfort, then save energy by putting the underfloor heating into standby mode when the guest is not in the room, or economy mode when the guest has checked out.

Audio in room (KNX/BT sound system)

Let your guests enjoy seamless audio throughout their stay! Our KNX audio system allows easy Bluetooth streaming of music and TV. The module is enabled at check-in and disabled at check-out, for secure pairing with the guest´s device.

Keyless/Cardless function

Save energy and time. Our keyless — or as we like to call it — cardless function allows the hotel guests to check-in and walk straight to the room using only their smartphones. No more lost key cards or queues by the reception!

"An extremely efficient and well received system

“function Solutions has been responsible for a very important part of the guest experience at Amerikalinjen. Our guests expect good and intuitive technical solutions when they stay at the hotel.

The scenario-based control system, connection to speakers for BYOD in each guest room, and efficient energy management from central BMS make this an extremely efficient and well received system, appreciated by both guests and staff.”

Wilhelm Hartwig, General Manager of Amerikalinjen

Wilhelm Hartwig Amerikalinjen

"Now we can control all the important features"

In a safe and cost-effective way, function Solutions has combined and simplified the technical features in the guest rooms on hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo – all without complicated or cable-demanding installations.

– Never before have I experienced such great service, says reception manager Lotte Solberg Edvardsen.

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