How to reduce your hotel’s operating costs

Are you building for the future?

Time and time again we at function Solutions encounter an interesting as well as an alarming tendency within the construction industry. Nowadays many contractors seem to expect that current problems are something for future technology to solve. One of them being the problem that occurs when several different contractors are involved in the same installation process, implementing their own individual installation. However, if we are to build with our eyes fixed on a more sustainable future, we can never expect to solve any problems by continuing in the same lane as before.

As a hotel contractor, one would want to ensure that the control system that is built into the property is cost-effective, in installation as well as in future maintenance and support. The solution for a well functioning, efficient and stable handling is not so much about details like choosing wireless or wired. It is above all, a matter of making the right decision regarding the actual choice of system and setting the boundaries between all the contractors at the earliest possible stage.

Some questions you need to ask yourself prior to choosing the right control system for the property:

  • What is the service life of the system?
  • What potential risks are involved, such as wireless technology or proprietary systems?
  • If necessary, can the components of the control system easily be replaced with components from other manufacturers?
  • What happens in the future, when a new generation hardware with a different frequency is developed?
  • Can the boundaries between the different contractors be made differently, and more efficiently?

The danger of division

In traditional construction projects, each contractor is usually procured separately in the project, which means that several different systems are installed in parallel by completely different suppliers. 

Well, if that is how we have always done things, then why not continue in a similar fashion,  you might say?

Unfortunately, this is very much the root of the problem. Installing control systems from different contractors with each individual platforms will often present several potential problems such as:

  • Unnecessary resources and time will have to be spent troubleshooting, when a problem occurs or something in the system no longer works effectively. If all contractors have their own separate systems, you may be forced to bring in more craftsmen than necessary for troubleshooting and repairing, provided that you succeed in identifying where and in what system the problem occured to begin with.
  • There will be a need for translation between the various systems, since there are very few suppliers today that offer a system that adapts to other actors’ systems (API, Application Programming Interface).
  • Confusing and expensive installations, where each function in the guest rooms requires its own communication bus with associated cabling or wireless cluster. This creates an unnecessary amount of cabling in the corridor and the risk of costly and demanding operations and troubleshooting.
  • Your guests, your staff and entire business will be affected when the technology in the building does not work properly. It creates frustration among employees and leaves an unprofessional impression on your guests. The business itself is also affected by lost revenue when, in the worst case, you are forced to close one or more rooms while waiting for the problem to be solved.
effektivisera byggprocessen

How to increase operational reliability and streamline the construction process

The good news is that most of these problems can be avoided. Nowadays you can actually build in a wiser solution right from the start, and even rearrange at a later stage, in case the construction process is already completed.

Since 2017, function Solutions has worked actively to improve the technical installations in properties around the Nordic region, such as hotels, public buildings, nursing homes, apartment hotels and cruise ships.

With more than 4,000 hotel rooms already in operation, we are well-experienced and completely confident that it is possible to streamline the construction process and create significantly better and more sustainable solutions.

We offer a flexible solution where all the functions of the rooms are combined in a single installation. By gathering control of lighting, ventilation, underfloor heating, integration of booking systems, possible bathroom modules etc., cabling and installation time is greatly reduced and the collaboration between the different contractors is notably easier. It is the safest way to avoid additional costs for unnecessary readjustments and delays in the project, which is often the norm in traditional construction projects.


A platform entirely on your own terms

Our solutions are built on the open world standard KNX. And when we say open, we mean completely open. No translation between functions or components is required. There are more than 500 manufacturers worldwide who manufacture components to this standard, which ensures the availability of products with the same software well into the future.

The KNX standard is also based on all products being backwards compatible. This means that you are not locked into a specific supplier’s product range when you want to add or update existing features.

The benefits of using only a single control system: 

– Better collaboration between different systems and contractors.
– Prevents errors.
– Reduces and streamlines operating costs.
– Clarifies the division of responsibilities between contractors and installers.
– Creates a more pleasant and professional experience for the end customer (staff and guests).

Would you like to know more about how your property and business can get more reliable solutions and at the same time streamline your operating costs?

Contact us at and we will tell you more!

Do you want to find out exactly how much you can save?

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