Introducing Cardless:

Revolutionizing hotel room access and energy efficiency

More and more hotel guests want to be able to check in easily via mobile phone. With our keyless, or as we like to call it — cardless solution there is no need to carry keycards around anymore.

Simply let your guests check-in and walk straight to the room using only their smartphones. No more lost key cards or queues by the reception. It is convenient and saves time for both visitors and staff.

How does Cardless work?

By installing a sensor on or in the door, and another sensor in the ceiling at the room’s entrance, the Cardless function ensures that rooms only consume energy when guests are present. Additional features, such as nightlights in the bathroom, can also be integrated into the Cardless function. Furthermore, by eliminating the traditional keycard holder inside the door, we enable guests to instantly check in through the hotel’s mobile application and proceed directly to their rooms without having to wait in line at the reception.

Sensor- driven presence

Elevating security and guest experience​

Instead of the conventional hotel key card-holder, we use an advanced algorithm for detecting the presence of guests using a sensor in the door in combination with the presence of sensors in the hotel room. This guarantees no undesired changes in room status and ensures the best guest experience. In addition, there are several safeguards to ensure proper room status.

The image on the left shows the sensor, which can be delivered in white or black. The black one also comes with a black lens, as shown in the picture.

Wilhelm Hartwig Amerikalinjen

Cardless system in action at hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo.

Read all about how function Solutions has unified and simplified the guest room experience with the innovative cardless system, in hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo.

– It is an extremely efficient and well received system, appreciated by both guests and staff, says Wilhelm Hartwig, General Manager of Amerikalinjen.

Ready to elevate your guest’s hotel experience?

By incorporating functional solutions during the design phase, we can offer expert guidance early on regarding choices such as lighting control, ventilation, integration of booking systems, potential bathroom modules, and more. This approach helps to prevent additional costs from unnecessary adjustments and project delays. Whatever your inquiries or circumstances, we’re here to assist you.