How Quality Hotel saved energy and money with an efficient control system.

High energy costs and elusive system errors. What once was a great challenge has become substantially easier, all thanks to the new Guest Room Management-system from function Solutions.  – This has been crucial to our ongoing work, says property manager Pia Möllerström at Quality Hotel ™ Arlanda XPO in Arlandastad. Right in the heart of […]

“They helped us elevate the guest experience”

Function Solutions has effectively combined and simplified the technical features in the guest rooms of Hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo, ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness. This achievement has been realized without the need for complex or cable-intensive installations. – Never before have I experienced such great service, says reception manager Lotte Solberg Edvardsen. Amerikalinjen was once the […]

4 ways to ensure excellent customer satisfaction in your hotel.

Few industries rely as much on customer satisfaction as the hotel industry. When a guest checks in to stay at your hotel, they bring not only their luggage but also their expectations of the accommodation – a nice room with fresh, clean sheets, smooth check-in, comfortable temperature, good breakfast, and a friendly receiving from the […]