How Quality Hotel saved energy and money with an efficient control system.

High energy costs and elusive system errors. What once was a great challenge has become substantially easier, all thanks to the new Guest Room Management-system from function Solutions.  – This has been crucial to our ongoing work, says property manager Pia Möllerström at Quality Hotel ™ Arlanda XPO in Arlandastad. Right in the heart of […]

“They helped us elevate the guest experience”

Function Solutions has effectively combined and simplified the technical features in the guest rooms of Hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo, ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness. This achievement has been realized without the need for complex or cable-intensive installations. – Never before have I experienced such great service, says reception manager Lotte Solberg Edvardsen. Amerikalinjen was once the […]

How to reduce your hotel’s operating costs

Are you building for the future? Time and time again we at function Solutions encounter an interesting as well as an alarming tendency within the construction industry. Nowadays many contractors seem to expect that current problems are something for future technology to solve. One of them being the problem that occurs when several different contractors […]