Function Solutions has effectively combined and simplified the technical features in the guest rooms of Hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo, ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness. This achievement has been realized without the need for complex or cable-intensive installations.

– Never before have I experienced such great service, says reception manager Lotte Solberg Edvardsen.

Amerikalinjen was once the headquarters of thousands of expectant Norwegians with dreams of crossing the Atlantic. In 2019, the doors to the iconic building in the middle of Oslo were reopened, now restored into a beautiful, state-of-the-art boutique hotel.

“Now we can control all the important features”

As Front of house Manager at the Amerikalinjen hotel, Lotte Solberg Edvardsen has a lot on her plate. She has worked at the hotel since it opened in the spring of 2019 and takes care of everything from recruitment and training of staff to event planning, customer satisfaction follow ups and implementation of routines and systems.

To us at the reception, the new GRM System* has been absolutely invaluable. We can now control and monitor all the important functions of the rooms and all electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting and underfloor heating.

Temperature issues resolved

Lotte says that one of the biggest challenges during her ten years in the hotel industry has been the ever-recurring problem with room temperature throughout the changing seasons.

Here in Norway, the coldest winters and warmest summers always implicate a challenge. Even though a hotel has a base temperature of 21 degrees, there will always be guests who complain or prefer another temperature. Should you receive such a complaint in the middle of the night, there is not much you can do, other than give the guest a fan or a radiator, but there is not enough for everyone. 

Amerikalinjen is the first hotel I have worked at where the reception crew now actually can fulfill the guest’s wishes right there and then.

It is fantastic to be able to go in and see technical reports on each specific room. As an example, is it really true that it was freezing cold in a room at 2 am? Now we have something tangible to display if we receive complaints or requests.

Lotte Solberg Edvardsen

Receiving praise for high-tech features

function Solutions’ flexible Guest Room Management-System makes it possible for Lotte and her employees to remotely control the functions of each individual room.

Even when booking, we can now adjust the temperature according to the guest’s wishes and ensure that the room has the perfect temperature on arrival. Our guests can also easily change the temperature 3 degrees up or down based on the set temperature we have in the room. In some cases it is still not enough. We can then easily adjust the temperature in the specific room, remotely from the reception, via the GRM-System.

We are also able to see if a window has been left open, which turns off the thermostat, and immediately fix the problem. At check-out, the temperature is automatically reset and returns to the basic settings, awaiting the next guest.

Lotte says that the hotel staff often receives appreciative comments from guests about the high-tech features in the room. Comfortably heated floors, possibility to connect your own device to speakers via bluetooth and night lighting in the bathroom where the light is automatically turned on when you enter the room, so that the guest does not have to disturb a sleeping partner with full lighting. All functions in the guest rooms are integrated in one single system, which simplifies operation and use for both those who visit and work at the hotel.

Wilhelm Hartwig, General Manager of the Amerikalinjen has received very positive feedback as well, both from the staff and from the hotel guests.

Our guests expect good and intuitive technical solutions when they stay at our hotel. function Solutions has contributed to a very important part of the guests experience here at Amerikalinjen. Scenario-based control system, connection to the speaker system in each guest room and efficient energy management from the GRM system make this an extremely efficient and welcome system that is appreciated by guests and staff alike.

No key cards required

By removing the traditional card holder inside the door and installing sensors in the door and room, the guest rooms only consume energy when the guests stay inside. As key cards are no longer required, the guest can check in to the hotel via a mobile application and go straight to their rooms without having to stand in line at the reception.

Lotte Solberg Edvardsen believes that the expectations have changed when it comes to the preferences of hotel guests today.

– Great service is obviously important, but I think we are in a phase of change right now, where many guests want more personal and custom service when they stay at hotels. These days we are getting tired of rigid and inflexible service and prefer to be treated as individuals and have our individual needs met.

–function Solutions has truly helped us in elevating the guest experience. Extremely professional, adaptable and always keen to meet our needs, they assist us with great suggestions and smart solutions. I don’t think that I have ever before experienced such amazing service from any other supplier.

* GRM-System = Guest Room Management System

Wilhelm Hartwig Amerikalinjen

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