Increased efficiency & reduced costs with GRMS

Centralize all the room’s different functions and features in one single managing tool. 

In the hotel industry, a clear trend is emerging: an increasing demand from guests for more personalized experiences. A crucial aspect of creating an exceptional guest experience is ensuring that your guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay in their rooms. With the Guest Room Management System (GRMS, also known as Z-BMS), the staff can simultaneously monitor all the room’s facilities and easily customize the room settings based on each guest’s unique preferences.

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What exactly is GRMS?

Guest Room Management System, or GRMS (also known as Z-BMS), is the interface that centralizes all room functions and provides staff with a clear overview of each room’s operational status. It is an advanced technological system that has revolutionized the hotel industry by enhancing the guest experience in several ways. 

GRMS is designed to streamline and control various aspects of guest rooms, minimize technical issues, improve communication with guests, and promote more eco-friendly resource usage. The system offers complete flexibility and the ability to be endlessly customized, whether it is a small hotel with few rooms or a large hotel complex with hundreds of rooms. 

By implementing GRMS, your hotel is aligning itself with the demands of the future, prioritizing customer satisfaction and tailor-made experiences while providing outstanding service.

How does the GRMS work?

For a seamless guest experience, GRMS integrates with booking systems through the hotel’s own API and with building automation (BMS) via the BACnet protocol. This enables refined communication and optimization of energy and security.  Here are some of the most prominent advantages with the GRMS:

Enhanced Temperature Control

Maintaining a comfortable room temperature is essential for a great guest experience, and temperature-related complaints are quite common in the hotel industry. With GRMS, hotel front desk staff can easily adjust climate and lighting settings from the lobby’s service desk or remotely, to better suit individual guest preferences.

Unlike other systems that require permanent changes by technical experts, GRMS also allows guests to easily fine-tune the temperature for a more personalized and comfortable stay in the room. This not only reduces the workload for staff but also enhances the overall guest experience. What’s unique about GRMS is that these adjustments automatically revert to the standard settings after the guest checks out, saving energy consumption.

Reduced energy management and environmental impact

With GRMS, you achieve a more sustainable and energy-efficient use of your rooms. By allowing you to monitor, control, and even switch off energy consumption, including lighting and room temperature, the hotel can decrease its environmental footprint and significantly reduce energy costs. Thanks to presence detection, GRMS adjusts the room temperature while the guest is present. Upon checkout, the settings automatically revert to an energy-saving mode, awaiting the next guest. According to our study, integrating GRMS into the hotel’s booking system can reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent at normal occupancy levels.*

*The room study conducted in January 2020 involved the observation of one randomly selected room in an operational hotel in Oslo throughout the entire month.

Preventing risks and technical issues

Technical problems can be a significant source of frustration for both guests and staff. GRMS helps prevent and minimize the risk of technical issues by enabling the hotel personnel to monitor room technology in real-time. GRMS is self-diagnostic, which means that any problems are quickly detected and can be addressed immediately. 

GRMS can also include essential safety features such as fire and smoke alarms, along with the ability to deactivate unnecessary electrical devices when guests leave their rooms. This means an increased safety, fewer disruptions and unwelcome surprises for both guests and staff. 

Enhanced insight and control through analytical reports

GRMS provides a range of valuable reports and analyses, including component-level and function-level error reports, lighting monitoring, room history, and guest temperature behavior. This data offers important insights that help you make informed decisions and enhances your ability to improve energy efficiency and guest comfort.

Enhanced communication and service

GRMS enhances communication between hotel staff and guests. With improved oversight and better tools, the front desk can more efficiently assist guests with their specific requests and needs. This fosters a more personalized and professional service, which is crucial for exceeding expectations and cultivating loyal customers.

This is how function Solutions put GRMS into action:

Are you interested in discovering how to securely and cost-effectively streamline and integrate the technology in your hotel rooms?


Together with our customer, we analyze the needs and requirements of the specific project.


We provide a cost estimate with basic drawings.


We set up a practical test room for testing and adjustments.


After approval, we move on to the other rooms in the project.

By incorporating functional solutions during the design phase, we can offer expert guidance early on regarding choices such as lighting control, ventilation, integration of booking systems, potential bathroom modules, and more. This approach helps to prevent additional costs from unnecessary adjustments and project delays. Whatever your inquiries or circumstances, we’re here to assist you.

GRMS in action at hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo, Norway.

Discover how function Solutions has unified and simplified the guest room experience in hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo. Ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness without the hassle of complex installations.

– Now we can control all the important features, says reception manager Lotte Solberg Edvardsen.