KNX: a platform tailored to your needs

function Solutions exclusively operates on an open platform, and when we say “open”,’ we mean entirely open. There is no need for translation between functions or components. Our solutions are built on the open world standard, KNX.

What is KNX?

KNX (Konnex) is a standardized communication protocol for building and home automation. It can be integrated into a GRMS (Guest Room Management) system to provide advanced control and automation features in guest rooms, enhancing the comfort and efficiency of the hotel environment. This can include controlling lighting, temperature, curtains, and other functions in hotel rooms. This integration enables more advanced and flexible room control, improving the guest experience and increasing energy efficiency. KNX can be controlled via switches, sensors, touch screens, smartphones, or computers.

The significant advantage of our solutions being built on the KNX standard, is that all products are backward compatible. This means that you are never tied to a particular supplier’s product range when you want to add or update existing features. Currently, over 500 manufacturers worldwide produce components for this standard, ensuring product availability with the same software far into the future.

Image source: knxhub

KNX: The future-proof and cost-effective solution for building automation

  • KNX can be controlled via switches, sensors, touch screens, smartphones, or computers.
  • KNX is an open worldwide standard that includes over 500 manufacturers and 75.000 partners in 164 countries.
  • All new KNX components is backwards compatible which ensures all KNX installations is future proof.
  • KNX is license free and easily reprogrammed if use of building should change.
  • Reduced wiring saves installation cost due to less time spent, less cable and smaller cable trucking’s.
  • One BUS-system with signal export to Central Building Automation System (SCADA) simplifies installation and greatly reduces wiring.
  • Pre-programmed hotel room solution eliminates potential errors in the control system during installation.
  • By investing in smart components, an owner not only reduces installation costs but also invests more in hardware than in time-consuming processes. This means that even after the construction is complete, the value of these components continues to be a part of the building’s worth.

Ready to elevate your guest’s hotel experience?

By incorporating functional solutions during the design phase, we can offer expert guidance early on regarding choices such as lighting control, ventilation, integration of booking systems, potential bathroom modules, and more. This approach helps to prevent additional costs from unnecessary adjustments and project delays. Whatever your inquiries or circumstances, we’re here to assist you.