How Quality Hotel saved energy and money with an efficient control system.

High energy costs and elusive system errors. What once was a great challenge has become substantially easier, all thanks to the new Guest Room Management-system from function Solutions.

  This has been crucial to our ongoing work, says property manager Pia Möllerström at Quality Hotel ™ Arlanda XPO in Arlandastad.

Right in the heart of Scandinavia’s new international exhibition center, lies Quality Hotel™ Arlanda XPO, where Pia Möllerström works as property manager. Responsible for, among other things, operation, maintenance, environmental work and safety, she plays a key role in ensuring that guests and employees can feel safe and secure when staying at the hotel’s premises.

A challenging task

As property manager, one of Pia’s challenges is to identify shortcomings and potential risks in the building at an early stage. And not least – to follow up on bug reports and ensure that the problems are fixed.

– In order to be able to push an error report forward with the property owner and the project department, detailed data, such as documentation and figures on technical installations, is required. But that has not always been easy to present. Simply not knowing in which end to start looking, sometimes made the task way too extensive and difficult, says Pia.

Pia Möllerström Quality Hotel TM Arlanda XPO i Arlandastad.

Quality Hotel ™ Arlanda XPO, which is part of the Nordic Choice hotel chain, initiated collaboration with Mikkel Markmann and function Solutions back in 2019, in conjunction with an extensive renovation of the property. Among other things, a completely new Guest Room Management system (GRM)-system was installed to assist the staff in getting a clear view on all the 421 hotel rooms’ different functions and current operating statuses.

Thanks to the new GRM-system delivered by function Solutions, the staff can now easily regulate temperature, lighting and underfloor heating inside the hotel rooms and quickly detect any deviations. This benefits both the hotel staff and the property owner, as it is now easier to determine which error reports actually require further maintenance, and also to determine whether the problem concerns a single room or covers an entire floor.

We can now produce large amounts of data and documentation needed to point out possible inaccuracies in, for example, the climate in the hotel rooms. It has been crucial to our ongoing work with our warranty points with the property owner.

Highly appreciated among guests

Pia tells that even the hotel’s guests have shown great appreciation for the improved room features that function Solutions has delivered. Based on a set base temperature, they can now, among other things, regulate the temperature by a few degrees, according to their own taste.

Our guests like that they can influence the climate inside the rooms and that the temperature they choose stays the same throughout the stay. Warm bathroom floors have also been highly appreciated among our guests.

Saves energy and money

With the help of the GRM-system, the staff now has a great overview on the rooms’ features and can easily adapt the settings to the guest’s individual needs and wishes. It is also possible to test drive and troubleshoot the system and thus prepare the rooms for each new season. It has saved Pia and her colleagues a lot of time in troubleshooting and helped them to quickly notice which rooms needed focus.

The system ensures great comfort for our guests and employees, while we also reduce our climate footprint and save energy and money.

“Always striving to facilitate”

function Solutions has now become a key partner to Pia and Quality hotel. She receives ongoing support from Mikkel Markmann and his colleagues to ensure the performance of the technology installed in the property.

I really feel that we are able to encounter problems and challenges together and even obtain the documentation and data that have been needed to push our error reports forward.

I also appreciate the great interest that function Solutions has in developing their product together with the customer. They always want to facilitate, to make it easy and adapt the system as the need arises, Pia concludes.


* GRM-System = Guest Room Management System

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