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It all starts with the IDbox – unifying the hotel room control

Imagine a groundbreaking system that seamlessly integrates all the various functionalities of your hotel guest rooms into a single  system: the IDbox IP (Intelligent Distribution Box) helps simplifying the installation of all the functions.

The ID-box is designed to a component used to make the integration of all functions more efficient to install and helps the installer lower the risk of faulty connections in the electrical installation, thanks to the use of WAGO Vinsta Quick connector.

It facilitates centralized control and monitoring of diverse room functionalities. The IDbox can be employed in two distinct manners: utilizing separate topology via the local IP network, referred to as IDbox IP, or adopting a common topology where multiple rooms share the same IP network.

Regardless of the situation, all rooms have the same possibilities to be remotely monitored and controlled, and data accessed from different locations. This connection makes managing room systems and services easier and more effective.

The ID box IP - Discreetly and effortlessly installed

Customized for each room type, function Solutions uses the IDbox to equip each room with the ability to easily monitor and control individual functions such as air conditioning, lighting, curtains, floor heating, and power outlets through the GRMS server.

Unlike traditional approaches that require costly and disruptive cable installations, the IDbox is discreetly and effortlessly installed behind closed doors. No floor shutdowns, extra cables, or disruptive construction work in the hallways are needed.

Do you already have TV or Wi-Fi networks installed in your property? 

If so, you likely have an existing infrastructure where you can easily connect all other devices in the rooms using our IDbox IP, without the need for corridor cable installations. function Solutions consolidates all room functions into the discreet IDbox, often mounted above the ceiling in the room’s entrance. When renovating guest rooms, you can easily reprogram the IDbox to work with new features.

Since the technology is centralized in a single room installation, there’s little to no need for extra corridor installations. This reduces the risk of errors and disruptions, while ensuring that each room’s functions are fully connected to reception, booking systems, and building SCADA*. Staff can trust that all the technical systems work well together, and ensure that the guests have a pleasant experience staying at your hotel.

Embrace the game-changing capabilities of the IDbox, which streamline operations, reduce expenses, and elevate the guest experience through simplified installation, swift connections, service and maintenance.

*SCADA = Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Benefits from integrating the IDbox in your hotel’s technical solutions:

Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

Centralize all the room's different functions and features in one single managing tool. With the Guest Room Management System (GRMS, formerly known as Z-BMS), the staff can monitor all the rooms’ facilities at the same time, and easily adjust the room's settings in accordance with each guest's unique preferences. With the GRMS, you will be able to detect any functional deficiencies in the rooms, and have it fixed before the guest notices. Any special requests on temperature, pre-heated floors or lighting? Simply make the adjustments straight from the service desk in the lobby or from a remote location, and then automatically reset to the hotel's standard settings after check out. This greatly reduces staff workload, making it easier to render even better service to the visitors, and enhance customer experience.

Keyless/Cardless solution​

More and more hotel guests want to be able to check in easily via mobile phone. With our keyless, or as we like to call it — cardless solution there is no need to carry keycards around anymore. Simply let your guests check-in and walk straight to the room using only their smartphones. No more lost key cards or queues by the reception. Convenient for both visitors and staff.

HVAC (Ventilation Air Conditioning and Heating)

Welcome to a world of climate comfort tailored for you and your guests! Our cutting-edge HVAC system, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, allows you to effortlessly control all your room's temperature. The HVAC system is smart, allowing temperatures to drift slightly warmer or colder before adjusting and optimizes energy usage in lower settings.

KNX - powerful and efficient

Function Solutions operates on a completely open platform, using the KNX standard, a globally recognized communication protocol for building and home automation. KNX can be integrated into a Guest Room Management System (GRMS) to enhance control and automation in hotel rooms, improving guest experience and energy efficiency. The use of KNX ensures backward compatibility, allowing flexibility in adding or updating features without being tied to a specific supplier. It also reduces installation costs and simplifies the process with its one BUS-system. Investing in this system means the value of these smart components continues to be part of the building's worth even after construction.

Ready to elevate your guest’s hotel experience?

By incorporating functional solutions during the design phase, we can offer expert guidance early on regarding choices such as lighting control, ventilation, integration of booking systems, potential bathroom modules, and more. This approach helps to prevent additional costs from unnecessary adjustments and project delays. Whatever your inquiries or circumstances, we’re here to assist you.

Pia Möllerström Quality Hotel TM Arlanda XPO i Arlandastad.

"Now we can control all the important features"

What once was a great challenge has become substantially easier, all thanks to the new operating system from function Solutions.

– The system ensures great comfort for our guests and employees, while we also reduce our climate footprint and save energy and money, says property manager Pia Möllerström.

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