Sommero hotel


Location: Oslo, Norway

231 guestrooms and suites

Opened 2022

Our services

At Sommerro, function Solutions have provided the hotel with the following solutions and guest room features:

GRMS (Guest room management system)

We centralize all the room's different functions and features in one single managing tool, such as temperature, pre-heated floors or lighting. This greatly reduces staff workload and enhances the customer experience.

Keyless/Cardless function

Save energy and time. Our keyless — or as we like to call it — cardless function allows the hotel guests to check-in and walk straight to the room using only their smartphones. No more lost key cards or queues by the reception!

Light control

Customized lighting solutions that perfectly match each project's unique requirements. Whether you need bright, focused light for work or dimmer, more ambient lighting for relaxation, our solutions provide a range of options that can be easily controlled and customized by the guest.

Bathroom floor heating adjustable via GRMS

By integrating the floor heating with the booking system, it can be remote controlled. Preheat the floors upon arrival to offer your guest extra comfort, then save energy by putting the underfloor heating into standby mode when the guest is not in the room, or economy mode when the guest has checked out.

Master Light (ML)

Master Light is an intuitive lighting feature that lets guests easily turn all lights on or off with a single button, and automatically adjusts to the room's condition for a hassle-free and enjoyable stay.

Integration booking system

We integrate the hotel's reservation system with room automation to sync occupancy and set different modes. These are reset after adjustments when the guest checks out.